Clinical Programs

Outpatient PE and DVT Treatment

Hospitalization is associated with numerous risks, including hospital-acquired infections and blood clots. Treating select patients at home reduces these risks, increases patient satisfaction, and reduces costs.

The CVE has been at the forefront of safe outpatient treatment of low-risk PE and DVT since 2007 – continually translating our research into real-world clinical programs that improve patient care.

With the SPEED-D Study, we were able to distinguish PE patients who benefitted from inpatient hospitalization from those who did not. We incorporated these findings into a clinical protocol that identifies patients who can be safely treated at home, and worked closely with our colleagues in hematology and vascular medicine to assure timely follow up after discharge. In our Outpatient Study, we showed that implementing this protocol increased the proportion of patients who are treated at home, with no increase in complications or adverse events. We now treat about 25% of patients with PE and 60% of patients with DVT at home.

Version of our outpatient PE and DVT treatment protocol have been adopted in numerous hospitals around the United States. CVE researchers also led the development of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) point-of-care applications that provide emergency physicians practical guidance about the outpatient treatment of PE and DVT.

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