Grants and Awards

CVE Innovation Grants

The CVE issues grants to Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Emergency Medicine Residents and Fellows who propose innovative projects that promise to advance research and improve the care of patients with vascular emergencies.

Past Awardees

Stay tuned for information about awarded grants.


CVE Innovation grants are designed to fund innovative projects that advance the science and treatment of vascular emergencies. Successful applications will both address knowledge gaps and lead to the creation of resources that create opportunities for future projects. All work must take place at the Center for Vascular Emergencies (CVE) in the MGH Department of Emergency Medicine. However, multidisciplinary and team-based applications are encouraged. In addition to financial support, awardees will receive mentorship from CVE faculty related to research design and project implementation.


Grants are designed to cover the costs of data collection, analysis, and publication. Scientific equipment directly related to the project is allowable, but personal computers or similar devices are not allowable. Costs for programmers, research coordinators, and statisticians from within the MGH system are allowable, but stipends or salaries for investigators will not be supported. Applications with budgets up to $15,000 USD may be submitted without prior approval. Budgets exceed $15,000 will be considered but must have written approval by CVE leadership in advance of an application being submitted.


Grants are considered on a rolling basis. There is no set deadline for applications, though the project timeline should be consistent with the applicants’ anticipated tenure at the CVE. Applications will be reviewed 30 days after receipt. Funding decisions are final, though revised submissions may be considered with prior approval by CVE Leadership.